what you can’t see

Control & Protect
Corporate Network Airspace
With Zero-touch, Non-Intrusive,
SaaS solution

Lack of Visibility is a major challenge nowadays.

Airborne threats expand the attack surface to:

Unauthorized access to corporate network

Abuse corporate / user
devices with dual connectivity
WifiDirect, Shadow AP, User
Hot Spots

Network and device hijacking

Evil Twins and Rogue Access Points used to force a connection
Grab Identity
Inject malware and certificates

Data Leakage

Infected machines and malicious insiders connect to external networks


AirEye provides actionable visibility
 control & protect corporate network airspace

Leveraging its deep airborne packet inspection capabilities to dissect network airspace traffic, profile invisible entities in the network (On your network or off your network), and provides full protection, to mitigate threats on the attack surface.

No changes to architecture or infrastructure.
No configuration changes are needed. No network impact.

How we do it?

Step 1

Metadata is collected and processed by
sensors from all wireless channels is
sent for classification and deep analysis
by the AirEye cloud service.

Step 2

AirEye autonomously identifies and
prevents suspicious activities based on
Wireless Security A.I. (WSAI™) detection

Step 3

Alerts are sent to the Dome dashboard
and to the relevant operation personnel
and systems (For example, SIEM or
ticket management systems)




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