Get full protection against airborne attacks that result in
data leakage using AirEye Dome: 

  • Detect corporate network wireless device associating with non-corporate networks

  • Prevent malicious data exfiltration

  • Prevent unintentional data leakage by legitimate employees

Prevent corporate data leaving the secure corporate network through an unsupervised network channel

Data Leakage


The simplest manifestation of this threat is a malware that refrains from using the corporate network for C&C as well as data exfiltration communications. Knowing that an enterprise network is usually monitored by web proxies and DLP solutions to identify infections and leakage, the malware connects from time to time to any nearby non-corporate wireless network to perform these data communication activities. Thus the infection stays undetected for a longer time and leakage is uninterrupted.

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