Block attacks against your corporate network launched from wireless devices in your corporate digital airspace.

Close the gaping hole in your network security

Prevent Attacks from Digital Airborne Threats

SaaS, zero-touch, non-intrusive

For every 1 corporate AP, num of
antennae for hire

NY wireless access point density

Malware with wireless capabilities

Not your “parking lot attacks” any longer.

 Today’s airborne attacks are remote and software-based. 

It’s all about prevention

Extend your network security into the digital airspace to provide a comprehensive protection from any form of airborne attacks launched against your enterprise network.


No need for specific configurations or messy integrations. Prevention is done immediately.

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Your NAC and Firewall do not protect you from

Digital Airborne Threats

Unauthorized access to corporate network

Network and device hijacking


Protect against:

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