Digital airborne

attack prevention right out of the box. 

With the reports that you need. 

Taking it a step beyond prevention 

Know the
attack story


When an attack is prevented, we go back and build you the full attack story. So you get all you need for forensics - when the attack happened, what happened, how it happened and devices involved. 

Wireless network performance

In real time and historically, you know the performance of your legitimate access points. Concerned of a slowdown? With a click of a button, you get to see a view of your APs’ networking performance.

AirEye Dome seamlessly complements your existing network infrastructure, without the need for particular configurations, architectural changes or messy integrations.

SaaS, Zero-touch, Non-intrusive



Constantly monitor and analyze all wireless communication channels in real time, including Wifi, cellular, 5G, and Bluetooth

How it works


Identify corporate assets and channels, and classify the different types of devices and networks around the channel



Detect interaction violations of corporate security policy and actively terminate any potential association between devices involved.

Block unauthorized network access, device hijacking, data leakage.



Report to executives and operations on various blocked airborne attacks.

Alerts are integrated within the corporate SIEM.

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