Network airspace control and protection (NACP) solution capabilities

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Monitor the Corporate Network Airspace and classify controlled and uncontrolled assets

All wireless broadcasting technologies and channels need to be monitored for full visibility of corporate network airspace. Create an inventory of all APs and devices that are part of the enterprise airspace.


Attack timeline reporting and forensics

Detect, identify, classify and continuously monitor Antenna for Hire™ and monitor their activities, behaviors, and interactions that can affect the corporate network.


Discover and continuously monitor Wireless Receptors™

Detect Wireless Receptors™ and monitor their activities, behaviors and interactions.


Automatically detect & prevent airborne attacks

Detect interactions between Antenna for Hire™ and Wireless Receptors™.  Automatically block these connections to prevent unauthorized access to corporate network, device hijacking and data leakage.


Discover and continuously monitor Antenna for Hire™

Provide complete attack details, incl. identification of Antenna for HireTM, all Wireless Receptors™ communicating with Antennae for HireTM, communication channels, type of attack, and resolution.